Jean Decian

About Me

Duration: 2019/05 – Present

Status: In progress

University: Polytechnique Montreal

Present Position: Bachelor student

Project/Thesis Title: An Active Soft Fingerprinting for the Internet of things devices to mitigate distributed denial-of-Service AttacksUsingBotnets.

Abstract: Reducing the likelihood of future disruptions of DistributedDenial of Service (DDoS) attacks based on IoT involves, among other things, developing an Internet of Thingsfingerprintingapproachthat identifies devices actively connected to networks. The approach should use a unique electronic fingerprint that each device creates via its services, ports, and software installed on it, to figure out which connection requests or other network activities are legitimate and which may come from potentially malicious sources. The proposed approach could be then used to enhance the security of servers, web service providers, essential cyber systems, as well as networked industrial systems such as oil and gas, manufacturing, water treatment, and utilities.