The Step Project is an incident response server application capable of tracking user activities. Once a user has completed an activity in a project, they are able to create logs about what they have accomplished. In the event an incident such as a cybersecurity breach occurs, this application would be capable of automatically proposing possible causes based on the user logs.  

This Incident Response Project has the following features:

  • Users can log their activities and actions
  • Create Statistics from the logged activities
  • Track incidents that occur and automatic creation of reports to help analysts
  • Integrated with Google Analytics to notify Admins of incidents automatically
  • Comprehensive Searching Functionality
  • User Authentication 

This Application is a PHP Server Application built on the following technologies:

  • Code Igniter Framework (PHP)
  • BULMA CSS Framework
  • JavaScript and Jquery
    • Various Libraries
  • MySQL Database

Device Identifier Project

This project allows users to scan for the open ports in a device. It does this by opening a socket and testing if a connection can be made from the host device (holding the application) to all the ports in the targeted device. Each port found open is recorded into a database along with the service running on it. By using the open ports, it is could be possible to determine the identity of the targeted device. This can be useful in preventing cyber security attacks such as DOS attacks. 

The two main features of this project are:

  • Determine the open ports and the services running the ports of specified devices.
  • Determine the identity of the device that was scanned using the open ports found. 

This Application is a PHP Server Application built on the following technologies:

  • PHP and JavaScript
    • PHP Sockets
  • Bootstrapper CSS Framework
  • MySQL Database

The Application for building the Device Fingerprint Database is built on the following technologies:

  • Python
  • Shodan API

Wiki-IoT Project

Based on the popular open-source wiki engine, MediaWiki, this project is an encyclopedia of classifications about the dangerousness of IoT devices. This project allows users to submit classificiations and view available classifications.

The main features of this project are:

  • See the classification of IoT devices
  • Submit a classification

The Wiki-IoT project is built using the following technologies:

  • MediaWiki
  • MySQL
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