Md Shahrear Iqbal

About me

Duration : 2014/6 – 2015/6

Status : Completed

University : Queen’s University

Present Position : Post-Doc at Queens University

Project/Thesis Title : Smartphone Security and Privacy

Abstract : Click fraud is a type of fraud that occurs on the Internet in pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising, when a person, automated script, or computer program, imitates a legitimate user of a web browser, clicking on such an ad without having an actual interest in the target of the ad’s link.
We proposed with a set of researchers from Queen’s University and the Irdeto Venture Lab at Ottawa, an approach to prevent click-fraud by implementing an anti-fraud service at the operating system level. The proposed approach protects users from becoming a part of an attack unknowingly. A set of empirical studies showed that our approach is 99.5% accurate in detecting ad requests from all running processes and we got 100% success rate in finding the fraudulent processes.