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I am currently an Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Management at Concordia University of Edmonton and a Researcher at the Computer Research Institute from Montréal. From October 2015 to September 2016, I was a postdoctoral fellow at Polytechnique Montreal under the supervision of Dr. Gabriela Nicolescu and a Research Scientist in Computer Security and Software Engineering at the Research And Development Team of Ubitrak Inc.Previously, I was a postdoctoral fellow under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Zulkernine at Queen’s University, a research associate at the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science at Concordia University. I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Computers Sciences and Operations Research of Montreal University in 2013. I started my PhD program in August 2009 under supervision of Drs. Sylvie Hamel and Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc after receiving my software engineering Master degree with honours in July 2009 from University of Tunis in Tunisia. My career in academia consists of three sets of duties: teaching, research, and service. Indeed, it includes conducting scholarly work, presenting and publishing my research work in peer reviewed conferences and journals, and sitting on committees ranging from creating and evaluating curricula to overseeing workplace safety. I am a member of IEEE. I speak fluent English, French and Arabic. I have several years of industry experience in Canada and Africa in the areas of software engineering, Computer Security, Web and Mobile Computing, and Business Process Management.

Education and Degrees

  1. 2016/8    Post-doctorate, Cybersecurity, École Polytechnique de Montréal Supervisors: Gabriela Nicolescu, 2015/10 – 2016/8
  2. 2015/4   Post-doctorate, Computer Sciences and Cybersecurity, Queen’s University at Kingston Supervisors: Mohammad Zulkernine, 2014/1 – 2015/4
  3.  2013/12  Doctorate, Computer Sciences, Université de Montréal
                      Supervisors: Sylvie Hamel, 2009/9
  4. 2009/6   Master’s Thesis, Computer sciences, Université de Tunis
                    Supervisors: Rim Fayez, 2007/9
  5. 2007/6     Bachelor’s, Computer Science, Université de Tunis

Research Interests

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)
  2. Software Quality and Evolution
  3. Cyber Security
  4. Sustainable Computing
  5. Mining Software Repositories
  6. Cyber security for Internet of Things and Cyber-physical systems
  7. Fault Proneness
  8. Cloud Computing
  9. Software Reliability
  10. Web and Mobile Secure Computing
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Other Activities

Knowledge and Technology Translation
2017/12 - 2018/12Project Manager and Principal Researcher, R&D Collaboration with Industry
Serviced:PM SCADA
Target Stakeholder:Industry/Business-Medium (100 to 500 employees)
Outcome / Deliverable:Development of an intelligent penetration test application.
Evidence of Uptake/Impact: With the advent of a new generation of malware and cyber-
attacks, detection can be difficult using conventional cyber security methods and tools.
This project aims to integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques into
the PEN testing framework. In order to reduce PEN testing human resource requirements
while maximizing test coverage, this project explore the automation of the PEN testing
2018/1 - 2018/7Contributor and Panelist, Technology, Product, Process, Service Improvement/Development
Serviced:The ninth edition of the Regional Leaders's
Summit (RLS 2018)
Target Stakeholder:Government Personnel
Outcome / Deliverable:Participation and writing of the RLS Digital Joint Research and
Innovation Benchmark to tackle future economic challenge through digitization. Through
four theme (Tools and initiatives to sensitize SMEs to 4.0, Audit procedures in 4.0
industry, Big data in 4.0, Cyber-security in 4.0), the main objective of the Benchmark was
to share each regional leader’s experience and best practice in order to set a common
ground. It was also the occasion to witness a diversity of practices and solutions and
identifying path for future collaborations.
2018/4 - 2018/5Contributor and Panelist, R&D Collaboration with Industry
Serviced:Le Centre facilitant la recherche et l’innovation
dans les organisations (CEFRIO)
Target Stakeholder:Industrial Consortium
Outcome / Deliverable:Supporting companies and organizations in transforming their
business processes and practices through the appropriation and use of digital technology.
2015/1 – 2016/8

Project Manager and Researcher, Technology, Product, Process, Service Improvement/ Development Group/Organization/Business
Serviced: Ubitrak Inc.
Target Stakeholder: Industry/Business (>500 employees)
Outcome / Deliverable: Search Results Real Time Detection of Privilege Escalation by an Attacker
References / Citations / Web Sites: Fehmi Jaafar, Gabriela Nicolescu, Christian Richard: A Systematic Approach for Privilege Escalation Prevention. QRS Companion 2016: 101-108
2014/7 – 2015/3Consultant, Consulting for Industry
Target Stakeholder: General Public
Outcome / Deliverable: The creation of a new nomenclature and teaching system that makes the process of learning, playing, and teaching music much easier and faster using Big Data Analytic
2014/6 – 2015/3Researcher, R&D Collaboration with Industry
Target Stakeholder: General Public
Outcome / Deliverable: Click Fraud Detection & Protection Tool
References / Citations / Web Sites: Iqbal, Md Shahrear, et al. “Fcfraud: Fighting clickfraud from the user side.” High Assurance Systems Engineering (HASE), 2016 IEEE 17th International Symposium on. IEEE, 2016
2018Securing the information and Social Media.The
"Cybersecurity and Social Media" study day at Saint Paul University., Ottawa, Canada
2018Combating Insider Threats by Profiling
from Activity Logging Data. The Cybersecurity Forum organized by InSec-M, Ottawa, Canada
2018(2018). Cyber-security Challenges in Industry 4.0. The ninth edition of the Regional Leaders's Summit (RLS
2018), Quebec, Canada
2018Cyber-security issues in the Internet of
Things.Cyber-security and Internet of Things Workshop at CRIM, Montreal, Canada
2013Static Relationships with Design Patterns.First Workshop on Patterns Promotion and Anti-patterns Prevention (PPAP), Italy
2013Clones and Co-changes: a systematical review. The REsearch Laboratory on software Evolution And Software Development technology Event (RELEASED), Belgium
Event Administration
2017/1 – 2017/6Organizer, The Annual Information Security and Assurance Research Event at Concordia University of Edmonton, Workshop
2011/1 – 2011/6Local Arrangement Chair, The Canadian Summer School on Practical Analysis of Software Engineering Data at Polytechnique Montreal, Seminar
Editorial Activities
2018/10 - 2018/12Reviewer,Selection of Source Code Metrics for Improving Prediction of Change-Proneness Modules: A Case-Study on eBay Services., Journal
2018/2 - 2018/5Reviewer,Automated Game-Theoretic Verification of Security Systems, Report
2017/11 - 2018/5Reviewer,Change-proneness of java classes with code smells and design patterns,Journal
2018/1 - 2018/4Reviewer,Ontologies and Relational Databases Meta-Schema Design: a Three-Level Unified Lifecycle, Conference Abstract
2018/1 - 2018/4Reviewer, Adaptive Security in Cloud and Edge Networks New IoT Security Approach,Conference Abstract
2017/1 - 2017/10Reviewer, MPSKMean Model to Form Attribute Based Clusters to Extract Multiple Pattern in Seasonal Data, Journal
2014/7 – 2015/3Reviewer, Finding fault with fault injection: an empirical exploration of distortion in fault injection experiments, Journal
2014/6 – 2014/12Reviewer, Technology independent honeynet description language, Conference Abstract
2014/1 – 2014/6Reviewer, Integrating the Modelica DSL into a Platform for Model-based Tool Interoperability, Conference Abstract
2014/1 – 2014/4Reviewer, Fast Discovery of VM-Sensitive Divergence Points with Basic Block Comparison, Conference Abstract
International Collaboration Activities
2018/3 - 2018/8Contributor and participant, Canada Participation and writing of the Regional Leaders' Summit (RLS 2018) Digital Joint Research and Innovation Benchmark.
2018/5 - 2018/5Presenter and Researcher, Canada Presenting the Research & Development activities at the Computer Research Institute of Montreal for an Indian government delegation.
2012/11 – 2013/2Visiting Researcher, Belgium Creating a long term collaboration between Montreal University in Canada and Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium to develop new approaches for software quality analysis

Curriculum Vitae

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